~ On-Site Training ~
Cost: $2000/day plus expenses.

Our favorite model for training is to use a real campaign as a training exercise. You purchase the campaign plus an additional training fee, and we prepare the campaign materials. Then we schedule an on-site visit to execute the campaign as a training exercise for your staff.

All our on-site training programs include some off-site work. We need to inventory your hardware, software, and staff skills. We usually need to confer with your IT staff about configuring e-mail addresses and other prep work. We provide a reasonable amount of support services after the training is over. Some of these campaigns will take weeks to play out, and we're available to help your staff over hurdles on short notice.

Below are descriptions of two-day training modules. We also offer custom programs, so please let us know what you need. For example, John Wiley & Sons hired us to train a new online publicity department. The assignment involved 100 hours of off-site work spanning three months; two week-long on-site training sessions; and the purchase and installation of a database.

New Book Campaign (2 days -- 4 sessions)

  1. E-Mail News Releases
  2. Discussion Group Postings
  3. Online Bookstore Displays
  4. Documentation, Follow-Up, and Firefighting.

Chat Tours (2 days -- 4 sessions)

  1. Preparing the Chat Profile and the Guest
  2. Booking a Chat Tour
  3. Promoting a Chat Tour
  4. Conducting the Chat, Documentation, and Follow-up.

Online Seminars (2 days -- 4 sessions)

  1. Creating Advance Materials and Setting Up a Listserver
  2. Recruiting Host Sites
  3. Promoting the Seminar
  4. Conducting the Seminar, Documentation and Follow-up.

Contests (2 days -- 4 sessions)

  1. Designing Compelling Contests
  2. Recruiting Prize Partners and Venue Partners
  3. Working with Contest Administration Firms; Legal Issues
  4. Promoting Contests, Documentation, and Trouble-Shooting.

Web Site Launch Campaign (2 days -- 4 sessions)

  1. Web Site Registration and Search Engine Optimization
  2. Web Site Linkage Campaign
  3. E-Mail News Releases and Discussion Group Postings
  4. Ongoing Maintenance, Annual Maintenance, and Event Planning.

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