The goal of our training program is to help your staff learn how to do online marketing campaigns so well you'll never again have to buy these services from us or another vendor. Don't you wish more companies had such an enlightened view about putting themselves out of business?

Don't worry that our success in training your staff will mean we go hungry next year. The Internet is changing rapidly and is likely to continue doing so. We look forward to staying ahead of the curve and teaching your staff new tricks every year. We offer a wide variety of training formats to match your needs, including:

~ Upcoming Events ~

None scheduled.

~ Free Online Training ~

That's right: free training! We offer regularly-scheduled educational chat programming both at our web site and other sites. It's free and open to the public. To access the chat facilities, you need a Java-enabled web browser (most are) and the latest version of Skpe (click here to download Skype).

You can follow our programs from beginning to end, or pop-in any time you are stuck, have a question, need some help, or feel like chatting. We encourage you to stop by and see if you like this method of learning. Many college students use the sessions, and we appreciate it when working professionals take time to share some wisdom with the group.

Steve O'Keefe's Internet PR Chat Series
Sponsor: International Association of Online Communicators (IAOC)
Friday, Feb. 1, 2008 - Friday Apr. 4, 2008
Time: 12:00 - 1:00 PM ET, every Friday
Instructor: Steve O'Keefe, Adjunct Professor, Internet Public Relations, Tulane University
Topics: FEB 1 - Campaign Planning & Themes
FEB 8 - Document Production & Syndication
FEB 15 - Video Production & Syndication
FEB 22 - Social Networking PR
FEB 29 - Blog PR
MAR 7 - Web PR
MAR 14 - Discussion Group PR
MAR 21 - SPRING BREAK (No Class)
MAR 28 - News Releases
APR 4 - Contact Management
APR 11 - Search Engine Optimization
APR 18 - Online Newsrooms

This is a 10-week chat program sponsored by the International Association of Online Communicators (IAOC). The Internet PR Chat Series has been running for several years now. It began as online office hours for Steve O'Keefe's class at Tulane University. However, the students liked it better when Steve opened the sessions to the public. Feel free to stop by and share tips, war stories, or ask questions. Topics covered include the basics of online PR, from planning campaigns to formatting e-mail news releases. For the topic schedule, see the link above -- but remember, we're open to discussing anything related to online PR, whether it's the topic of the day or not. Hope to see you online!

~ On-Site Training ~
Cost: $2000/day plus expenses.

Our favorite model for training is to use a real campaign as a training exercise. You purchase the campaign plus an additional training fee, and we prepare the campaign materials. Then we schedule an on-site visit to execute the campaign as a training exercise for your staff.

All our on-site training programs include some off-site work. We need to inventory your hardware, software, and staff skills. We usually need to confer with your IT staff about configuring e-mail addresses and other prep work. We provide a reasonable amount of support services after the training is over. Some of these campaigns will take weeks to play out, and we're available to help your staff over hurdles on short notice.

Below are descriptions of two-day training modules. We also offer custom programs, so please let us know what you need. For example, John Wiley & Sons hired us to train a new online publicity department. The assignment involved 100 hours of off-site work spanning three months; two week-long on-site training sessions; and the purchase and installation of a database.

New Book Campaign (2 days -- 4 sessions)

  1. E-Mail News Releases
  2. Discussion Group Postings
  3. Online Bookstore Displays
  4. Documentation, Follow-Up, and Firefighting.

Chat Tours (2 days -- 4 sessions)

  1. Preparing the Chat Profile and the Guest
  2. Booking a Chat Tour
  3. Promoting a Chat Tour
  4. Conducting the Chat, Documentation, and Follow-up.

Online Seminars (2 days -- 4 sessions)

  1. Creating Advance Materials and Setting Up a Listserver
  2. Recruiting Host Sites
  3. Promoting the Seminar
  4. Conducting the Seminar, Documentation and Follow-up.

Contests (2 days -- 4 sessions)

  1. Designing Compelling Contests
  2. Recruiting Prize Partners and Venue Partners
  3. Working with Contest Administration Firms; Legal Issues
  4. Promoting Contests, Documentation, and Trouble-Shooting.

Web Site Launch Campaign (2 days -- 4 sessions)

  1. Web Site Registration and Search Engine Optimization
  2. Web Site Linkage Campaign
  3. E-Mail News Releases and Discussion Group Postings
  4. Ongoing Maintenance, Annual Maintenance, and Event Planning.

~ Remote Training and Support ~
Cost: $200/hour, sold in 10-hour increments.

We offer a variety of remote training and support services. Early experiments in Distance Learning have shown real dissatisfaction with remote learning unless it is coupled with in-person training or is used to augment other forms of learning -- not replace them. It's not surprising, then, that our remote training and support services are most often purchased by clients of long-standing whom we've met in person, visited on site, or who have worked with us on several campaigns.

Here's how it works: you put 10 hours on the meter and use it any way you like: phone calls, conference calls, e-mail, instant messenger, document review, research, or group meetings in our private online chat room. You can talk with our database specialist about e-mail issues; our seminar guru if you have questions about online seminars; our chat expert if you are having trouble booking a tour.

Remote training and support is a great supplement to on-site training. It provides peace of mind, knowing you've got someone you can call in times of trouble, and we have to help. Remote training and support services are available during our standard office hours or by appointment. Unused hours carry over.

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