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Steve O'Keefe
Author of the Book
Publicity on the Internet:
Creating Successful Publicity Campaigns on the Internet and Commercial Online Services


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Internet Publicity: Six Great Campaigns and Two Stinkers


Internet Publicity: Six Great Campaigns and Two Stinkers

"Internet publicity is smart marketing," says Steve O'Keefe, author of the groundbreaking book Publicity on the Internet, and the man who launched a thousand campaigns, "but that doesn't save you from making stupid mistakes. I invite you to learn from my triumphs and my failures in creating the least expensive, most effective online promotion campaigns ever." Don't miss this rare opportunity to talk with a living legend of online marketing.


Publicity on the Internet

We're very honored to have with us today one of the true Founding Fathers of Internet marketing: Steve O'Keefe. Steve began using modems to communicate with his clients in 1987. In the early '90s, he used services such as CompuServe and The Well to conduct business with authors and illustrators. In 1995, he formed Internet Publicity Services, Inc., to provide online promotion exclusively for book authors and publishers. Then he starved.

"For three months, I couldn't get any business," Steve says. "I had turned down clients such as Yahoo, Microsoft, and Hitachi because I wanted to focus on book publishing." When a new piece of software called "Mosaic" allowed ordinary people to see the World Wide Web, Steve's business grew so rapidly that he wrote Publicity on the Internet in 1996 in self-defense. "I spent a quarter of my working day turning away business," Steve said. "I realized if I was going to get any work done, I had to help people learn how to do these campaigns for themselves."

Publicity on the Internet was an early bestseller and earned its author the Tenagra Award for Individual Achievement -- the most coveted honor in the online marketing profession. Steve later sold his business to The Tenagra Corporation, setting up an Internet publicity operation for the company and then for numerous other firms. Today, Steve works as an independent consultant helping companies draft and execute intelligent online marketing strategies.

Please have your questions ready so we can make the most of Steve's valuable time. Welcome Mr. O'Keefe!


  1. Let's start with a mistake. What's one of the stupidest things you've ever done during an online campaign?

  2. Have the media become hostile to e-mail news releases? Is there any way to break through?

  3. Tell us about a successful media campaign -- something out of the ordinary or over the top.

  4. You recommend posting promotional messages to online discussion groups. Isn't that "spam?" Doesn't that cause more harm than good?

  5. What are the two key ingredients for successful discussion group postings?

  6. You consistently recommend chat tours as promotional vehicles, even though you say that most chats are poorly attended and "lame." So why market this way?

  7. What is the difference between a chat tour and a seminar series?

  8. We've hardly talked about web site promotion. You have a deep dislike for promoting web sites. Why?

  9. Isn't it essential, though, for every business to have some web presence?

  10. Have you done any web site promotion work that was particularly effective?

  11. I know predicting the future of the Internet is risky business, but what changes do you see looming for online marketing?

  12. Your book is very old by Internet standards. When can we expect to see a new edition?

Thanks, Mr. O'Keefe, for a most enjoyable chat!

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