Web Site Registration & Linkage
These sites will help you register your web site in online directories and search engines. Also included are resources for Search Engine Optimization, and resources for finding the SuperSites so vital to linkage campaigns.
Search Engine Watch
By far the best resource online for information about web site registration strategies and search engine optimization. A good list of links to do-it-yourself registration pages. Recommended.

Good resources for promoting a web site using do-it-yourself methods. Especially strong in search engine submission and optimization techniques.

Words In A Row
An excellent site for do-it-yourself registration, with a comprehensive list of top directories and search engines, links to their submit pages, and tips on using each one. Recommended.

Alexa Related Links Editor
When you see a link that says, "view items similar to this," chances are it's powered by Alexa, a service owned by Amazon.com that groups similar links by content. Free download of the Alexa Toolbar, which provides instant access to Web Search, Related Links, Site Stats, and Contact Info for sites you visit plus a Popup Manager.

DMOZ Open Directory Project
Best directory online for finding supersites. The only free, human edited super directory left. The DMOZ database is used by most of the major search engines on the Internet.

The Lycos 50
A list of the most popular 50 Lycos searches in the past week. An excellent resource for finding hot sites.

World's Hottest Web Sites
Nifty directory of the top web sites based on traffic, search inquiries, and clickthrough. While their methodology is a little mysterious, their lists of top web sites by subject area are excellent. A good way to find supersites.

About's Web Search Forum
Kevin Elliott's forum for finding information online. His site will lead you to top directories covering major fields such a business and entertainment. Not the best resource, but not bad.

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