Discussion Group Postings
These resources are used to locate online discussion groups, including Usenet newsgroups and Internet mailing lists. You'll also find resources for dealing with flames, including a link to net abuse information and one to the FAQ archive.

Yahoo! Groups
Yahoo has a great interface for choosing groups for a postings campaign, but desperately needs an advanced search mechanism for finding the best, most active groups. Posting can be done in YahooGroups' Web-based setting or from any email program.

Google Groups
Fantastic resources for working Usenet newsgroups. Contains a complete list of groups, current postings, and archives back to 1995. Easy to search, read, and post to groups. Highly recommended, although its archives may not be 100% thorough. You need a Google ID, which is free, in order to post in the groups; however, you can search for groups and read posts in them without a Google ID. Google has also been adding its own propietary groups in different subject areas.

Excellent place to find Internet mailing lists devoted to any given subject. Successor to Liszt, one of the best mailing list finders ever.

Internet FAQ Archives
This Internet marketing firm (my former employer) maintains a good list of online publicity resources. It's kept up by Jeremy Hart, one of the best warez dudes in the business!

The best place to read about current standards in dealing with abuse of the Internet, especially what is considered"spam" and what methods are used to fight it (canceling, blacklisting, etc.).

Forums hosted by America Online. Many of the groups here seem to be inactive and have a small membership. Has a search feature, but is very limited. You need a ScreenName ID, which is free, in order to post. Posting must be done from the Web page.

Forums hosted by the Microsoft Network. Has a search feature, but is very limited. Many of the groups here seem to be inactive and have a small membership. You need a .NET Passport ID, which is free, in order to post. Posting can be done from the Web page or from any email program.

Google's Advanced Search Engine
Advanced Search section of Google's search engine. Try typing things in the With the Exact Phrase field such as moderated discussion group, moderated email list, moderated mailing list, moderated message board, and moderated forum. To search for forums on a particular subject, try those search phrases while typing your topic into the With All Of the Words field at the same time.

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