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You can use these resources to search for online newsletters or host online newsletters. Also listed are sites that sell software for bulk e-mail and online newsletters. Plus, I've included links to two good sample publications.
Yahoo! Groups
As successor to Liszt and OneList, Yahoo!Groups is the reigning supersite of online newsletters. You can host your own newsletter here free (albeit with imbedded advertising), and use the site to research other successful lists.

Fantastic directory of online publications. Topica will host your newsletter for free. Be sure to sample their wares for good examples of newsletter content, format, style, and design.

Bulk Email Software Superstore
Sells a variety of bulk e-mailing products at prices ranging from $95 to $1395. Pretty good site for comparing features and costs. Includes brand names such as Stealth, NetContact, and DirectMail.

Mailman, the GNU Mailing List Manager
Mailman is a free mailing list management program that is based on the Python programming language. You have to be technically savvy to run this software, but it's highly regarded and you can't beat the price.
Excellent full-service e-publishing solutions provider. Assists with databasing, message creation, direct e-mail, newsletters, and even brokering advertising. Recommended.

This bulk e-mail and database software comes with high recommendations from online marketing insiders. The price is reasonable, and the support is good.

Lyris produces popular software for newsletter management and bulk e-mailing. Lyris products offer archiving, tracking, automated management, and other desirable features for a range of budgets.

L-Soft is maker of the famous Listserv mailing list (newsletter) software and also LSMPT e-mail software. Their products are at the high-end of the spectrum, for heavy users with big budgets.

This company will host your newsletter operation for a fee. They provide a comprehensive and inexpensive service, managing all the technical details so you can focus on the content.
Publishers Lunch
Produced by Cader Books, this is a great example of an online newsletter. You should use it as a pattern for your own effort.
Home of Angela & Richard Hoy's profitable online newsletter for freelance writers called "Writers Weekly." The Hoys are experts at marketing through direct mail and newsletters.

Constant Contact
"Do-It-Yourself Email Marketing." Easy to use, web-based mailing list manager. Free trial for the first three months. Send out your newsletter in text or HTML format using a wide range of templates. Also has powerful tools for managing your subscriber lists. Monthly subscription rates start at $15.

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