Media Relations (News Releases, News Rooms)
Use these resources to find bulk e-mail software, databases of journalists' e-mail addresses, services that will help distribute news releases for you, and information on how to approach media contacts using the Internet.

Bulk Email Software Superstore
Sells a variety of bulk e-mailing products at prices ranging from $95 to $1395. Pretty good site for comparing features and costs.

Gebbie Press - All-In-One Media Directory
Mark Gebbie sells a database of about 20,000 print and broadcast media that is an excellent value. Don't expect e-mail addresses for individual editors, though (although the same can be said for more expensive directories).

Bacon's Media Source
Bacon's Media Source acquired Media Map, which was a source for the best database of media contacts anywhere. Only one problem: it's expensive. They sell lists and services--but they also offer a free newsletter with updated media contact information (you'll have to sleuth the e-mail addresses yourself). Also has free trials, demos, and resources.

Middleberg/Ross Media in Cyberspace Study
Compiled by Don Middleberg and Steven S. Ross in cooperation with the Columbia School of Journalism, this long-running study on media use of the Internet is the best source of statistical information on the subject. Highly recommended.

Power Reporting: Resources for Journalists
Bill Dedman assembles this amazing catalog of annotated resources for use by media professionals. Bill's company, Power Reporting, teaches media people how to use the new technology. Recommended.

Internet Press Guild
This organization of journalists who cover the Internet offers a very thorough guide about how they like to be treated by PR professionals.

Internet Media Fax
Paul Krupin's do-it-yourself newswire service allows you to select the specific contacts you want a release to go to, then upload the release, and he will fax it to the list for a fee. Tricky to use, but worth the learning curve.

Superb resource put together by the American Journalism Review. Ability to access a database of thousands of news outlets, including print, broadcast, and online.

Cynet, Inc.
Cynet is a business communications provider. One of their specialties is broadcast faxing: you send them a document and a list of fax numbers, and they'll fax it for you easier and cheaper than you can yourself.

eNews Release
Provides online marketing services as well as up-to date media contacts, news distribution, content development, online promotion and managed publicity programs. Database of over 50,000 media destinations, including print, TV, radio, and online.

PR Leads
Dan Janal's service to helps authors, speakers, and experts get PR and publicity. Janal basically sorts ProfNet for you -- instead of paying $1500/yr for ProfNet, you pay Janal $500/yr to send you only those leads related to your area of expertise.

News Media Directories
Publisher of regional media directories, mostly southeast.

PR Web
Press release newsire with a customizable news feed for journalists.

FinderBinder Media Directories
Publishes regional media directories through affiliates.

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