Contests, Animations, and Stupid Web Tricks
Use these sites to look for good contest ideas, as well as legal assistance avoiding bad contest design. Several source sites are listed for animations and other traffic builders.
Animation Express
A source for interesting web site animations. Some can be downloaded and used for free, others are sold. Good source of ideas for traffic builders.

Flying Aces Technology
These folks have created many contests and sweepstakes for top-tier web sites. Their site has some helpful legal and planning guidelines.

Award-winning designer of online games, quizzes, and promotions used all over the net, AOL, and on interactive TV.

Funny Garbage
Producer of online games and animations. Has worked with such sites as The Cartoon Network and the Independent Film Channel.

The Joe Cartoon Co.
Great collection of hilarious animated cartoons including the infamous Frog in a Blender. Also includes links to lots of other animated cartoon artists whose work can be licensed or ripped off.

Jupiter Images
Subscription service that links to sites with large collections of royalty-free clipart, photos, and other graphics. Also features a search engine for these sites.

Use It
No frills website with links to articles and books about keeping functionality and ease of use in mind when designing websites.

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