Chat Resources
Resources for chat software, resources for producing online chats, freelance chat service providers, chat supersites, and online events calendars for listing chats.
Yahoo! Platinum
Formerly, Yahoo! now produces all kinds of live and archived programming for a fee. Offers a free 2-week trial.

LookSmart Chat Links
Amazing directory of chat sites, by subject, style, etc.

The Internet Chat Research Guide.
Thorough guide to chatting in various formats on the Internet.
Billing itself as a "chat search engine," chat search will lead you to non-mainstream peer-to-peer chat sites and resources, but doesn't contain a calendar of chats.

Talk City
The largest chat portal on the Internet. Host for hundreds of formal and informal chats. Closed briefly last year, but is back under new management.

An informal chat portal. You won't see many staged events here, but the site can be useful for guerrilla marketing style chats.
Claiming to be the most powerful and easy to use collaborative message board tool in the marketplace, WebBoard software is in use at thousands of businesses, web sites and schools worldwide. Features conferencing software and other chat solutions, produced by Akiva. Contact these folks about providing chat hosting services or installing chat capabilities onto your own site.

Good resource for finding freelance ghost typists for chats. You can also find people to work as full-blown chat coordinators, or liaisons to online discussion groups.

Full Circle Associates
This company has a network of freelancers who specialize in community building techniques, such as chat show production, hosting and moderating chats, or ghost typing.

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