Index to The Links
An amazing set of time-saving resources for the Internet publicist. Updated monthly, you'll find annotated links to the best of the net in the following categories:

  • Publicity & Marketing SuperSites
    These are the top resource sites for online marketing, advertising, publicity and promotion. In most cases, they contain good archives of how-to articles and case histories. Many maintain updated links to other sites.

  • Internet Statistics
    Use these resources to find out how many people are online, where they live, how much money or education they have, and what they like to do when they're online.

  • Media Relations (News Releases, News Rooms)
    Use these resources to find bulk e-mail software, databases of journalists' e-mail addresses, services that will help distribute news releases for you, and information on how to approach media contacts using the Internet.

  • Discussion Group Postings
    These resources are used to locate online discussion groups, including Usenet newsgroups and Internet mailing lists. You'll also find resources for dealing with flames, including a link to net abuse information and one to the FAQ archive.

  • Web Site Registration & Linkage
    These sites will help you register your web site in online directories and search engines. Also included are resources for Search Engine Optimization, and resources for finding the SuperSites so vital to linkage campaigns.

  • Newsletters & Direct E-mail
    You can use these resources to search for online newsletters or host online newsletters. Also listed are sites that sell software for bulk e-mail and online newsletters. Plus, I've included links to two good sample publications.

  • Chat Resources
    Resources for chat software, resources for producing online chats, freelance chat service providers, chat supersites, and online events calendars for listing chats.

  • Contests, Animations, and Stupid Web Tricks
    Use these sites to look for good contest ideas, as well as legal assistance avoiding bad contest design. Several source sites are listed for animations and other traffic builders.

  • Online Presentations, Seminars & Workshops
    Create compelling online PowerPoint presentations for use in online news rooms, seminars, and workshops. Also links to top seminar and workshop resources, including distance learning supersites and fee-based online conferencing services.

    We appreciate your suggestions. Please e-mail them to If possible, include the name and URL for new sites, and a brief description of why the site is valuable. Thank You!

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