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Blog PR Report

Turning Heads:

Portraits of Grace, Inspiration, and Possibilities

by Jackson S. Hunsicker

Published by Press On Regardless

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About Your Blog Report:

We attempted to find the highest-traffic blogs related to the topic of your book. If the blog accepts public comments, we posted a message directing people to an excerpt from your book. If the blog lacks a place to put the posting, we e-mail the blogmaster offering a review copy of the book. This report shows the blogs we approached, what actions we took at each blog, and any response we received. When available, e-mail addresses of blogmasters are provided; you might want to add these contact to your database for future marketing of similar books.

Blog Promotion Sites

The Cancer Blog
Blog about nearly anything to do with cancer, including books. 06/19/2006: Requested mention via webform.
Breast Cancer Blog
"Daily discussion on various topics related to breast cancer." 06/19/2006: Requested mention from Sherin,
Ovarian Cancer News
Daily ovarian cancer updates from hundreds of medical resources. 06/19/2006: Requested mention from Khrissy Lupinacci,
Dr. Len's Cancer Blog
Blog associated with American Cancer Society. 06/19/2006: Posted comment under entry entitled, "Gardisil and the Prevention of Cervical Cancer." [screen shot]
MedicineWorld Breast Cancer Blog
"Committed to give the latest and most up-dated information in the field of medicine." 06/19/2006: Requested mention from Scott,
My Breast Cancer Blog
"This is the story of my journey with breast cancer." 06/19/2006: Requested mention from Jacki Donaldson,
Beating Breast Cancer
"Gordon is a family doctor. Marjory is a nurse. Marjory was diagnosed with breast cancer in April 2006 and this is our story." 06/19/2006: Requested mention via webform.
Two Hands
"This is my story about being diagnosed with breast cancer at age 39." 06/19/2006: Requested mention from Jeanette,
Bomb in My Belly
Personal blog of ovarian cancer survivor. 06/19/2006: Requested mention from
Day Without Rain
Personal blog of patient fighting breast cancer. 06/19/2006: Requested mention from Sandee,

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