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Previous Schedule of Topics

Week 1 (Jan. 15): Campaign Planning and Themes
Topics: Review of online publicity and public relations campaigns; Target audiences; Developing a campaign theme. Generating an online publicity plan. Documenting results of campaigns; Measuring value of campaigns.

Week 2 (Jan. 22): Web Site Registration and Search Engine Optimization
Topics: The Web Site Registration campaign; Search Engine Optimization (SEO); How search engines and directories work; Filling out the Registration Form template; Submitting registration information; Preparing the Registration Report to track results; Verifying registration and dealing with problems; Improving search engine positioning; META tag wars.

Week 3 (Jan. 29): Web Site Linkage Campaign
Topics: The value of linkage; Approaches to linkage campaigns; Creating great link buttons; Writing linkage text; The art of the linkletter; Locating target audiences online; Finding the supersite; Who to ask for a link; Tracking linkage results; Annotating bookmarks; Creating a Linkage Report (hit list); Maintaining linkage campaigns; Purchasing links.

Week 4 (Feb. 5): Online Content Syndication
Topics: What is content syndication; What do you have worth syndicating; Preparing artwork; Preparing text; Basic HTML codes; Using the templates; Compatibility problems; Writing pitch letters; Finding editorial contacts; Pitching and follow-up; Documenting a syndication campaign.

Week 5 (Feb. 12): Discussion Group Postings
Topics: Types of online discussion groups; Moderated vs. unmoderated; Usenet newsgroups; Internet mailing lists; Web site discussion threads; America Online forums; Writing great discussion group postings; Formatting for online delivery; Finding newsgroups, mailing lists, and message boards; Posting techniques; Tracking responses; Handling complaints.

Week 6 (Feb. 19): Online Newsletters
Topics: Newsletter software set-up; Defining target audiences; Newsletter content; Newsletter style; Newsletter formatting; Managing an online newsletter; Syndicating newsletters and newsletter content.

Week 7 (Feb. 26): Firefighting, Complaints, Spam Laws
Topics: Discussion group posting techniques that avoid canceling, blacklisting, or complaints. What to do if you get a complaint about a discussion group posting. Laws, rules, and norms of behavior. How to handle a complaint about unsolicited e-mail. How to find out if you have been blacklisted. How to fix major problems caused by "spamming."

Week 8 (Mar. 4): E-Mail News Releases
Topics: What do the media want; Writing great e-mail news releases; Subject lines that get attention; Rules for body text; Adding contact information; E-mail news release writing style; Formatting for online delivery; Finding journalist's e-mail addresses; Creating a medialist; Addressing bulk e-mail; Delivering e-mail news releases; Processing replies; Handling complaints.

Week 9 (Mar. 11): Chat Tours
Topics: What is a chat tour and how does it work; Preparing a chat profile; Finding chat venues and hosts; Preparing a chat schedule; Eliminating obstacles to booking a tour; Promoting a chat tour; Making sure venues install promotions; Documenting promotions with screen captures; Using ghost typists; How to work a chat room; Overcoming technical difficulties; Cleaning and distributing chat transcripts.

Week 10 (Mar. 18): Online Seminars & Workshops
Topics: Difference between seminars and chats; Setting-up a seminar using Yahoo Groups; Preparing pitch materials for the seminar; Finding partner sites; Pitching the partners; Writing seminar set-up pages; Promoting seminars; Conducting seminars; Documenting seminar promotions; Using seminar transcripts.

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