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Welcome to the "dot-edu" portion of our site. Here you will find abundant resources to help you with online publicity and promotion. This portion of the site also houses the companion site to Steve O'Keefe's book, Complete Guide to Internet Publicity, as well as support materials for Steve's class in Internet Public Relations at Tulane University. Here's a list of what's available:
The Book -- Complete Guide to Internet Publicity, by Steve O'Keefe
The Newsletter -- Back Issues of The Beautiful Plan: Online Marketing Strategies for Book Publishers
Publishing Profiles -- Publishing industry profiles from the PMA Newsletter
The Articles -- Mostly dated. Send us something new!
The Chats -- Program schedule & descriptions
The Links -- Annotated links to great resources
The Handouts -- Supplemental materials for workshops, seminars, and classes
The Templates -- Download and use these free document tempates
Tulane Class -- For students in Steve O'Keefe's Internet Public Relations class

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