($1500 setup plus $3000/month)

A NewsBlog is a companion blog for your book, products, or company that we build, write and manage. We create the shell of the blog then post a news summary every workday about topics related to your book, products, or company.

We assign a Blog Editor to your blog who writes the daily posts. A separate Copy Editor corrects, optimizes, tests links, and approves posts for release. Each post contains at least one news citation with a link to a source and at least one image with proper copyright permissions and credit. The Blog Editor manages comments, cleans spam, and notifies you of any comments that might benefit from a direct response by the client.

What do clients think is the best thing about our NewsBlogs? They don't have to write them! Every working day, we scour the news looking for interesting stories, then write them up on the blog, properly linked and tagged and highlighted with artwork. We relentlessly publish, day after day, until we rise to the top of the Google Alerts for your topics.

NewsBlogs are an excellent choice when the book has no author (a directory, for example) or the author has no time for blogging. The author may choose to participate by adding posts and comments, but the author's participation is not required. Our NewsBlog provides a way to insure that your book and author stay at the top of the search engines during the critical 90 days books are new in stores. Why risk a big book going to market without an inexpensive blog attached?

Please see these Sample NewsBlogs:

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