Our Blog Tour is designed for celebrities, CEOs, and others who don't have time to blog but want to be on the top sites. We have been producing blog tours, chat tours, and online seminars since 1995 for children's books, health & fitness, business, current events, religion -- you name it. The Blog Tour is the most difficult of our campaigns to produce and requires a signed contract at least 90 days in advance.

My opinion is that putting an author on a Blog Tour is like painting a big bullseye on them and then seeing how long they can take the heat out there. Blog Tours are tough. Five straight days of fielding whatever people hurl at you. That's what it's like on top sites like Huffington Post and MSNBC. Most authors want to be on the top sites, even if it's painful.

We prepare the Tour Profile to sell your visit to host sites. We book appearances on 3 to 5 top blogs, which often requires pitching dozens of sites. We assit with your opening post, which typically appears on the blogs Monday morning. Then you agree to spend up to two hours each night for the next week responding to comments.

Seminars and workshops are more genteel forms of touring. The five consecutive days are billed as a class, not a free-for-all. Take a look at some of these blog tour and chat tour variations, including workshops and seminars we have produced.

Blog Tour for Robert Hormats, author of The Price of Liberty (Holt)
Blog Tour for Brian McLaren, author of The Last Word and the Word After That (Jossey-Bass)
Wiley Culinary Seminar Series
Health For Dummies Chat Series
Annick LIVEbrary Online Classroom Visits

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