($1,500 setup plus $3,000/month)

We surf the news and make an average of three media contacts a day. The BlogOut is pure pitching every working day, offering active bloggers, journalists, experts, and celebrities in your field a review copy of your book. This campaign does not require author participation. Contact database and tracking reports updated weekly and available online to anyone on your team.

Here's a sample one-month BlogOut Report for the book, Health Care Reform Now!, by George Halvorson, CEO of Kaiser Permanente, published by Jossey-Bass. Due to privacy concerns, we must remove contact information from the report, but there's enough left to see it's a gold mine of contacts. Given the hot subject of health care reform, we were able to run this BlogOut for over two months before running out of good prospects to pitch:

Health Care Reform Now BlogOut Report #1

Please see these other Sample BlogOut Reports (private contact info removed):

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